Black Bean and Rice Burgers

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You’ll need: DSC_2332-610x937

(Makes 8 burgers)

1/2 cup brown rice

2 cups soaked and pre-cooked black beans

1 onion, diced

1/2 zucchini, diced

Place the rice in a pan with 1 cup water and bring to the boil Bring it down to a simmer and place the lid on the pan Cook until the water is all gone but before the rice burns to the bottom! Drain the rice and set aside Fry the onion and zucchini in a little oil until the onion is brown Add in the black beans and cook for 5-7 minutes Remove from the heat and place 2/3 of the mixture in a blender and blend for a few seconds – no more Place this back into the pan with the other mixture, add in the rice, and mix thoroughly Allow the mixture to sit and cool for 10 minutes Divide into 8 portions and shape into patties Heat a little oil in a pan, and when hot, place 2 burgers into it Fry for about 4-5 minutes on both sides, then remove from the pan Repeat with all the other burgers until they’re all cooked Store any leftovers in the fridge until they’re needed – eat them within a week though!


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